Asset Valuations

We offer valuation services to establish open market values of all types of fixed and moveable properties which include buildings, land, businesses for establishment of going concern values, office equipment, furniture, plant and machinery, laboratory equipment, hotels, motor vehicles etc. We also have the technical knowhow of establishing open market rents applicable to commercial, industrial as well as residential properties.

We offer professional valuation services in the following areas among others:-

  • Mortgage and Lending

  • Sales and Purchase

  • Forced Sales/ Auctions

  • Litigation/ arbitration and Court Cases

  • Asset Inventories

  • Public Stock Listing

  • Insurance

  • Rating

  • Open Market Rental Assessment

  • Owner Occupier Valuations

  • Book purposes

  • Compensation

  • Visa application purposes

Under the leadership of the Technical Director, the Company offers professional valuation services at its best. Of top most importance to us in carrying out valuations is diligence and integrity to ensure assets are properly identified and valuation figures arrived at reflect the true position which is crucial for protecting the rights of all stakeholders involved.

0.8 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
330 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
3000 sq ft 4 beds 2 baths
0.8 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
2000 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
1000 m² 2 beds 1 bath