Customer Service

At Mansions, we know the difference between lip and customer Service. We ensure that our customers are not only satisfied with the consultancy services we offer but also that they get more than they expect. Besides expanding our customer base, customer retention is our main focus and our customers continue to do business with us for years even where their one- off transaction is long completed.

Real Estate investments require huge capital outlays. We go the ‘extra mile’ to advise our customers to assist them make well informed decisions. As  Real Estate consultants, we take time to walk with our clients as they make their investment decisions. In the initial investment stages, we assess the market through market surveys and feasibility studies to guide our clients on viability of their proposed project. Such advice helps our customers to avoid losing their capital investments in “white elephants”. We also guide on legal procedures touching on real estate.Our customers are therefore not only contented, but they also get more than they expec

Dispute resolution

We believe in the golden rule “The customer is king.” We treat our customers with utmost care noting to ensure our laid down procedures do not become a stumbling block. While we have the necessary measures in place to avoid any disputes with our customers. Transparency is one of our core values and we avoid surprises to our clients by ensuring all issues are in ‘black and white’ and ‘on the table’.

We recognize that we may not always agree. As noted by Abraham Lincoln, litigation is expensive, and it causes bad blood. We therefore prefer to avoid litigation by all means and result to arbitration by a commonly appointed arbitrator who will look into the point of departure and arbitrate to arrive at a win-win situation for all parties.

The firm has not dealt with dispute cases with any of its clients. However, in the event of any such a disputes, we recommend negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Litigation is considered the last result owing to the protracted nature of court cases. We also maintain an indemnity cover to cushion us and our clients against any unforeseen risks that we may arise in the course of carrying out our professional duties.