Diaspora Desk


Kenyans living in the Diaspora have a myriad of challenges when it comes to investing in real estate locally. Such challenges include:-carrying out official searches, finding the right property to buy, negotiation for loans and mortgages , handling of sale transactions, collection of rent from difficult tenants, establishing authenticity of ownership documents through official searches,Supervision, management and update reports on construction progress of your development site, assessment of returns in the local real estate market to aid investment decisions, title processing and development of property through joint ventures among others.

Services Offered At Our Diaspora Desk

You cannot invest in real estate unless have a feel of the market and a good understanding of the going open market rents and values. You wish to put your money where you will reap the highest returns? Do you intend to invest in real estate in Kenya but you do not know where to search for your preferred property?  Look no further. Our property listing will serve your purposes. In the event your preferred property is not in the listing, all you need to do is apply and let us know your need.We will help you find the same.

Have you invested in real estate locally and you have challenges in identifying a law firm to transact your sale? Real Estate as a profession requires a lot of networking and team work. In the course of our work and in the various stages of handling real estate, we will require the services of other professionals such as lawyers, engineers, architects, surveyors, fellow estate agents etc, to offer expert advice. We work with   trusted professionals to transact your real estate deals such as scheme designs and drawings, survey work, engineering drawings, supervision of your construction sites, legal documentation processing of titles etc. Mansions therefore go to great lengths to provide you with services that suit your needs. Whether you want to sell, buy home, process title, get home designs and drawings, fence your plot or land etc. we  are a one-stop shop.

 We have therefore curved out the following products specifically for them:-

a) Property Search– We will help you identify a suitable property among upcoming / existing available properties in the local property market. We maintain a property listing from which you have a wide selection of various properties in the following categories:

    Commercial/ industrial properties- Shop, office or industrial space e.g. godowns, for sale or to let.
    Residential properties-State the location-  prime, middle or  lower income  areas within  or outside Nairobi / in the Counties

b) Property Sales and Lettings– Want to sell or Rent out your house? As Registered Estate Agents and Valuers, we will do that for you.

c) Mortgage Negotiations- Want someone to run errands for you in regard to your mortgage financing? We search for the best mortgage deals in the market for clients willing to purchases houses using loans. We also obtain all the necessary details and advise our clients on the required procedures for them to qualify hence making mortgage financing easy for our clients.

d) Sale transactions– Difficulties handling/ following up your lawyers/ sale transactions in general? We have partnered with reputable legal firms who would professionally and transparently handle your sale transactions.  The sale transaction right from the acceptance of offer to the drawing and execution of the sale agreements and thereafter, processing of the title registration at lands office.

e) Property Searches– You have been out of the country for a while and you need to re-confirm property ownership / Title documentation at Lands office? We will carry out the official search for you and scan/ email or send the documents to you vide your preferred mode of delivery.

f) Property Management– Problem collecting rents? As stated earlier, we collect rent on behalf of property owners; manage the houses that our clients purchase including managing/ monitoring of the mortgage accounts.

g) Project Management– Are you constructing and due to distance, you have issues monitoring the day to day progress of your construction site? We can supervise the site at an agreed fee and at the same time be part of the project team.

h) Market Surveys– Want to know your returns on capital invested? We carry our market surveys to establish the rents you will expect as returns on capital invested. This will guide your decision making to ensure you settle for the highest and best use of the investment opportunity.

i) Feasibility Studies- You hate” White Elephants”? Then you need us to carry out feasibility studies of your project before committing yourself to establish the project viability.

j) Title Processing– You own property but have not yet obtained titles for the same? We will pursue the same for you at Lands Office.

k)  Joint Venture Connections- You wish to invest locally, you have the money but not the development land? Or you have land but no finances? Who will market and sell your houses? Who will draw the concept designs and prepare the bill of quantaties? How will you put together your project Team.

l) Technical Team- You need a professional in any of the” landed property” areas? We are in partnership with other technical firms such as architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, and Advocates to form a full team to deal with matters that arise as we deal with our clients needs. This is to ensure all matters are handled by reputable professionals and our clients not only get the best deals but are also not exposed to fraud.

m) Land subdivisions– You have a large chunk of land you wish to subdivide and sell or subdivide and develop only part of the same? We can arrange the same to be done by Land Surveyors in our Technical Team. Title documents for individual parcels will be processed by lawyers of good repute.

n)  General errands– We will run errands for you in matters concerning your investments in real property. These include establishing your property boundaries/ beacons (done in conjunction with Land Surveyors in our Technical Team), fencing off your plot or land after establishing the boundaries (done in conjunction with artisans in our panel) and other general errands that touch on real property.